BA with Honours despite his Rowing!

Brian took Part 1 of the Mathematical Tripos in 1950 but unfortunately failed to get a third, so was awarded a 'Special' (which would contribute to an ordinary BA rather than a BA with honours). He went on to read for Part 1 of the English Tripos in 1951, but having to fit two years worth of work into one year caused him to come away with a third.He also gained a third in Part 2 of the English Tripos in 1952. 

In the references written for him, his Tutor had hoped he might get a second, but he spent too much time rowing! He is described as a 'rowing fanatic' and had a trial for the University, but I do not believe he was selected for the team. In the references written for him when applying for teaching positions he is described as a 'straightforward, likeable man' who 'I would trust anywhere'.

Brian's full life and various careers did not seem to have been hindered by his dedication to rowing over the academic life. He certainly testified that he took away a network of contacts, lifelong friendships and the College ethos from his time at St Catharines.

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