Choral Compline in St Catharine's College Chapel

Alison & I followed another of Brian's recomendations to hear music in the Chapel at St Catharines.

We went to the Choral Compline service after the formal dinner leaving the young students in the bar. The regulars made sure they had a good cushion and were comfortable before the 5 minute silence. (Sleep was not ruled out!)

 With the small college members choir* of 5 male and 5 female voices the singing really brought out the excellent acoustics of the chapel that Brian would have recognised.
The Chapel organ, right,  also had a superb sound after it was rebuilt in 1978 and further matched to the Chapel in 2002.

 Changes since Brian's day include the change they all looked forward to with the admission of women but he might not have imagined a female Master at the college and as for the choir of schoolgirls! Hearing the full choirs for carols has gone onto our list.

Raising a Glass to Brian at St. Catharines Hall

Laura managed to get 3 Guest tickets to dine in the MCR Formal Dinner at St Catharine's College Hall.
There were guests from four other colleges that resulted in all 250 seats being booked for a full and lively evening.

Brian would of course recognised the hall, the rules, such as not leaving the table between the two gongs, grace in Latin, etc. John a new member of Emma and other colleges were surprised by the Katz strict adherence to traditional protocols.

We raised a glass to Brian, it seemed right, after the pudding gong and the port was passed.

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