Thank you to the Teddington & Hampton Wick Voluntary Care Group

Brian's time in Teddington was significantly improved with the help of the local voluntary care group. As his health limited his mobility they were there to help him to get out and about. First walkers would encourage him to get out with sticks then with his frame. The bus trips to the shops and garden centres helped him to continue living independently and extended Brian's social links. Two of the volunteer drivers, Chris and Colin, came to the crematorium. Colin was able to come on to 'the wake' where he was joined by Natalie who also became Brian's hairdresser. We have also been in touch with Miriam at their office. They all spoke of how much they enjoyed Brian's company and wicked sense of humor.

Recognizing all the help and care that Brian received all the donations in lieu of flowers were sent to the Teddington & Hampton Wick Voluntary Care Group. Some of their core services are funded but your donations can allow them to add the Christmas Party etc. These social events help to enrich the lives of many with limited mobility and also says thanks to the volunteers.

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